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Wesley Sleep Program: Peaceful Sleep without Medication

About the Author

Billy Wilkins lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia and has had a diverse background in both music and education since childhood. He is a professional musician and economics educator with one degree in business administration and one in secondary business education. He spent over a year researching the Biblical principles and music therapy techniques that have formed the Wesley Sleep Program. His hope is that his experiences, research, and talent have led him to create a program that will help many people to access a deep peace and rest that he has found through God.

Billy was one of the three original members of the internationally-acclaimed Christian band Third Day, writing and touring with the band during its formation and early years. He can be seen in two of the band's 2007 DVD releases, Chronology I and Chronology II. When remaining with the band became more of a career decision than a side ministry, he left to pursue education and the other paths he felt God had prepared for him.

He remains a professional songwriter, studio musician, and performer, working with Third Day and other talented musicians since his departure from the band. It is his natural gift of music, along with his desire to research and teach in an educational environment, that has contributed to the unique concept of the Wesley Sleep Program.