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Wesley Sleep Program: Peaceful Sleep without Medication

About the Wesley Sleep Program

What is the Wesley Sleep Program?

The Wesley Sleep Program consists of an audio CD and a companion book. Both are inspired by spiritual concepts, Biblical principles and the inspired musical instincts of the author, Billy Wilkins.

The Audio CD

The narration uses verses found within the Bible that give peace to the soul and help provide maximum relaxation through God's word. The first portion of the CD soothingly equips you with Biblical principles for real rest and walks you through combating four common sleep hindrances. The remaining musical portion takes you to even deeper levels of relaxation and into a calm sleep. Through use of this program, you should experience a renewed alertness during the day, along with an assuring peace that you will carry night and day.

The Book

Billy Wilkins, the book's author, speaks open and honestly about his own struggle with insomnia and anxiety medications. While regularly taking a popular sleep medication, he decided that there must be a better way to relax than risking drug dependency, and he began searching the scriptures for the peace that he needed to rest effectively. Wilkins soon found so many scriptures that answered and supported his spiritual quest, he soon began to realize that this level of peace was God's desire for all of His children. He began to chronicle his findings, while following his musical instincts and researching music therapy, and was soon on the path to developing the Wesley Sleep Program.

Questions and Answers

Is the Program Just for People with Insomnia?

Not at all. The principles and musical technique found within the Wesley Sleep Program can help you find peace, relaxation and freedom from anxiety - whether you need help for insomnia, help for anxiety, or help for life's daily stresses. The program can be of great help to anyone emotionally, physically and spiritually.

What if I Am Taking Sleep Medications Now?

If you currently are taking anxiety and/or sleep medications, it is never recommended that you abruptly stop taking them without consulting your doctor. The doctor will likely be supportive of your gradually decreasing your dosage in order to stop taking the medication. It is our goal to help people who are hoping to get to sleep without medication, through this inspired Christian relaxation music. The Wesley Sleep Program Christian meditation CD, we pray, will provide this help and hope.