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Wesley Sleep Program: Peaceful Sleep without Medication


From Andrew in New Jersey:

I am a college student who is always so busy during the day, and so stressed with all the work I have to do, so all I can say is wow...that was incredible! It was so soothing and relaxing, and it brings me so much closer with God in a peaceful way. I love the bible verses...they were so comforting, and relaxing and true, and it was great to fall asleep in the spirit of God. It was incredible how soothing the music was, and I love how you brought God to be there with me when I fall asleep. It felt great falling asleep in a peaceful harmony with the Holy Spirit, because it gave me a fullfilling, relaxing sleep. I woke up the next day great, rejuvenated and alive in the Spirit! Even if I'm not having trouble sleeping I will still use your program just to be in unison with God and sleep in a holy way so I can wake up with the Spirit. Thank you so much for that! It was truly incredible...I loved it! The bible verses you choose were so relaxing, and taking the stress away from our daily day and giving it to God...wow...it's like an answer to my prayers...it's something I've needed for a very long time, so thank you!

From Madelaine in Hayle, Cornwall, U.K.:

I was initially interested in the CD as I was told by a friend that scripture was incorporated in the CD. I listened to it on the strength of this, I was pleasantly suprised. Before sleeping if I had things on my mind it would often affect my dreams. I enjoyed being able to offload things to God and felt a greater sense of peace knowing that because he cares he wants to take care of all our anxieties. After listening to the CD on a more consistent basis I found that it got me into better habits in terms of offloading to God before sleeping. I have recomended the CD to other friends as I think it can create a great sense of peace.

From Justin, College Baseball Pitcher:

I am a college athlete and very busy with school and baseball and have a lot on my mind before I fall asleep at night because of all the stress. I have had trouble falling asleep for years now and I started using this CD and now I fall asleep so quickly. This is a great product that I would recommend to anyone because it truly works great!

From Denice in Atlanta, GA:

I've enjoyed the program and had to laugh the first time I played the CD for my husband, because he was out like a light in 10 minutes! In addition to helping with night time sleep, sometimes (especially on Sunday afternoons) I'll listen to help relax for a nap and it's great!

I thought you'd like to know that my step-son, who's 14, has pretty severe ADHD and that comes with sleep problems. (Note: we do not use any medication, so this isn't a side effect of medicine, just the ADHD.) I let him use the program and he's seen great results! Slowing his mind down is a huge challenge, but this music stimulates his brain in such a positive way as to allow him to relax.

From Brian Montgomery in Atlanta, Georgia:

Let me first start off by saying this product will truly help you if you're struggling with life. Many people have some of the busiest lives ever including me,and seprate no time to have a devotional time with God. With this program created by Billy Wilkins, you can have real rest while having a devotion with God. I have studied the program for a week now and found that I am less tempered, easier to talk to,and know that I have a God that can help me in times of trouble or hurt. Also, if you do not know how to pray, the Wesley Sleep Program will help you to pray and then fall asleep quickly. What Mr. Wilkins has done is absolutely genius, by designing a program using bibical rest without having to use drugs or not spending time with God. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family through this program.

From Karen Craddock in Los Angeles, CA:

This book/CD is awesome! I fell asleep quickly and slept like a baby I would highly recommend it to anyone who is having trouble sleeping. Even if you're not having trouble it is inspirational and the music is beautiful; the Lord has truly given Billy a wonderful gift.

From Bo Edgemon in Powder Springs, GA:

Throughout all of my life, sleep has been my greatest trouble. Rolling around in bed all night trying to force myself to sleep became very difficult; even when I did fall asleep, waking up in the morning I was not quite ready to face the day. Then I got the Wesley Sleep Program; this product helped me to relax with no struggle and helped me give away all of my stress while feeling closer to God. I recommend to all who have that same problem as I once did, to give the Wesley Sleep Program a try because my stress is now gone!

From Justis Hogan in Montana:

I'm a high school student that has been struggling with sleep ever since I was born. At random hours of the night I would wake up and have to go watch television because i couldn't get back to sleep. Then I came across the Wesley Sleep Program. This was a program unlike any other. I popped in the CD and after the first ten minutes I was dead asleep. The best part is that I sleep all night and don't wake up until the next morning. This is a great product and I recommend anybody with a sleeping problem to use. I guarantee that it will put you to sleep the first time you hear it.

From Cheryl in Austell, GA:

Just wanted to thank you for the sleep program cd and book. I have always enjoyed listening to meditation music, but this is better. It gives me a few minutes of much needed devotional time and spiritual relaxation. It is something that I can listen to over and over and not get tired of it. The first night, it probably only took about 15 minutes for me to drift off to sleep after the music began. I have told quite a few people about this even if they don't have a problem falling asleep, it is simply fabulous. I know several people that will get this for a gift from me.

From Suzanne in Powder Springs, GA:

I have suffered with insomnia and comfort problems since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over 14 years ago. I've tried everything to help me sleep from medication to a sleep number bed. I can't believe this CD and book is the solution to all my problems. It worked so well that I fell asleep the first two nights while the narration was still running. I did not even realize there were tracks with just music until someone told me. I will keep this CD with me every night from now on. Thank you for helping me both physically and spiritually.

From Teresa in Cornwall, United Kingdom:

I love the serene artwork on the cover....the narration is SO relaxing and the music beautiful. I have already given two away and will be ordering more. (Why listen to someone telling you about their insomnia when you can bless them with Billy's cd? I think I will carry one on me at all times for this reason!). You did a great job with this Billy!

From David Sims in Georgia, USA:

The cd works awesome I slept for 13 hrs while it was on repeat. But if you want a good night's sleep you should try this cd.

See what the early analysts of the program have to say:

Chaplain Eddie Barton - Atlanta Motor Speedway:
"Billy Wilkins has written a book to give us peace and rest at night. In a world full of stress, he has successfully sited biblical solutions for our souls. Through reporting his findings and sharing his knowledge of the Bible to us in this book, we can be assured of a good night's rest!"

Dr. A. T. Stewart - Pastor and Certified Human Behavior Consultant
"Even though there are many causes for insomnia, I believe almost everyone can benefit from Billy Wilkins's Wesley Sleep Program. Billy has given us a method for going to sleep that is founded on Christian principles and saturated with Biblical truth. I am convinced that anyone who will faithfully follow this plan for one month will gain physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits whether they suffer from insomnia or not."

Dr. Allen A. Steinhauser - Educational Consultant:
"...Bill Wilkins's engaging and unique educational perspective is readily apparent in his writings and music...(his) latest venture builds upon the success of the internationally-known Christian band, Third Day, that he helped start and play with for years."

Dr. Allen Hunt - Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host(www.allenhuntshow.com):
"...a very helpful Biblical resource for real life challenges."